Thursday, 24 March 2011

Exhibition Opening Day

I spent all day yesterday putting the exhibiton up with Prudence Collins, Emma Daker and Anne Forgan. It was really good, there was a slight blip waiting for all of the text plates to arrive. There are 3 or 4 to follow at around 9.00am today cutting it a bit fine as the exhibition opens at 10.00am. It will all be done on time.
The photographs look absolutely brilliant lots of people have commented alreay and stopped to have a look when we were installing them. My thanks have to go to John Hodgett and Harlequin Print in Kings Norton Birmingham they turned them around in 24 hours and they have done a great job. All of the exhibits are in place and looking just great, I feel really please and proud for everyone who has taken part. I have got so much from this residency and plan to take my work here forward and continue to work with the community here.
I need to get a move on now, I want to be at frankley before 9.00am today. Watch this space for news and images from the exhibiton and sharing event. Starts today at 10.00am and continues until Tuesday 29th March. The library is not open on Saturday or Sunday if you are planning to visit.

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